About Us

Creative Imaginings, LLC is the brainchild of Rochelle Schiffman.  She had quite a few independent author friends that did not belong to any publishing house.  This meant they were responsible for everything.  This was an overwhelming experience, especially if they had little to no experience with graphic design.  She discovered that social media was vital to helping build and grow readers, but if they didn’t get the right graphics they could miss catching the eye of new readers.  This graphic could be the cover, a marketing mockup, or even a series logo.


Creative Imaginings works with independent authors to provide everything they need to make their book successful.  We cover everything from ebook covers to marketing content at reasonable prices.  Need a banner for your social media page?  Need a logo for your series?  Want a cover that looks professional and helps your book sell?  We can help.


We will work with you to provide graphics that will be eye-catching and make those readers stop and take notice.


Start capturing the interest of readers today.

Amazon is filled with thousands of books.  A book’s cover is the first impression of that book.  You want to appeal to the right readers for your book.  The cover for a romantic comedy would deter readers from murder mysteries.  A modern romance has a different cover from historical fiction.


The same applies to marketing images.  You want to catch the eye of readers.  Without those readers, your book cannot be a success.  Let us help you to bring your vision to life.