Marketing Tools

Websites such as BookBrush are extremely valuable in creating marketing images that look professional and eye-catching.  Unfortunately, many independent authors can’t afford the monthly fees.  That is where we come in.  We have access to all of the many tools BookBrush and others offer.

Temporary Covers:

Mockups to build excitement: 


A+ Content:

A+ Content is graphics added to the Amazon landing page for a book that captures the eye and entices readers to purchase your book.  In short, it is going a step beyond the usual content, to ensure that a potential reader understands the book theme and tropes more effectively and gets a sophisticated online shopping experience.  Let us help you utilize this easy marketing tool.


A logo is an organization’s symbol or other design to identify its products, uniforms, vehicles, etc.  Authors can use logos to provide eye-catching symbols that allow potential readers to easily identify them from other authors.  Logos are also used to separate books into various series.  When working with a collaboration of authors, logos are particularly important to link all the books together into a series.  We can help you come up with a logo that will serve all of your needs.